The Unpredictable Magic of Liquid Mountains. Meet The Cold Beauty Of Lake Erie! 12/13/2015 •

The Unpredictable Magic of Liquid Mountains. Meet The Cold Beauty Of Lake Erie!

Dave Sandford has been a professional photographer for more than 18 years. He paid his bills by shooting professional sport but he has always been the most passionate about anything to do with water. He was infatuated with oceans and lakes. Recently, he has felt drawn to the lakes that are virtually in the backyard of his hometown in Canada.

Specifically, he fell in love with the awe-inspiring Great Lakes. Lake Erie, the 4th largest of the Great Lakes caught his attention for one of the most emotional photographic essays. And he chose to focus on Erie at a time of year (mid-October through December) when the Lakes can act more like oceans than lakes. It is some of Autumn’s dark, cold and windy days that transform the Great Lakes into wickedly wild and treacherous bodies of water.

We are speechless... It's more than just beautiful. Now, we are not surprised to know that Lake Erie’s name originates from a native tribe who called the lake “Erige” (“cat”) due to the unpredictable and at times dangerously violent nature.

Do you want us to show more photos of lakes and oceans? Which of these photos do you like best? Tell us in the comments below!


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