The world of plants: Paris law encourages people to plant gardens around the eternal city 11/10/2016 •

Being the most romantic city, Paris has never been so beautiful.

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Paris with its gorgeous gardens, beautiful balcony plants and many talented florists is a true green paradise. Soon it’ll become even greener.

It’s all because of the recent initiative of the Parisian public: they are interested in the maintaining of their own urban gardens. The planty proposal was promoted under Mayor Hidalgo’s resolution to provide the city with 100 hectares of green space by 2020. This decision will let concerned citizens grow everything from fruit and vegetables to flowers and plants. By the way, the proposal suggests people to be creative: green walls and rooftops full of different plants and anything that comes to mind that will beautify the city. Though the proposal prompts people to keep an open mind, there are still some rules: the flora must be cultivated using sustainable methods and must be the way to improve the aesthetic look of the city.

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