There were times when guns with a single barrel were not enough 8/26/2015 •

There were times when guns with a single barrel were not enough

In modern warfare, most of the effort is put into creating precise weapons that can be aimed. That was not always the case.

It is not easy to surprise people with a unique weapon. Today, however, we will try to do so. Today we will talk about the most favored weapon of sailors - the multi-barrel Duck Foot gun.

At the end of the 18th century, men required a weapon that would be light, easy to conceal and could take out multiple enemies at once. In those times the pirates attacked in large numbers and were very brutal. To aid the poor sailors came this new weapon - the Duck Foot.

The main advantage of the Duck Foot was that with a single trigger pull it could hit four, or even more enemies. Draw, shoot, and a wall of pirates is falling overboard! Because it did not require much aim, this pistol was a must-have for every sailor and it was one of those little things that changed the tides of battles.

The name came from its appearance. The barrels are placed in a fan shape and resemble a duck foot. The caliber always varied, depending on the owner and the purpose of the weapon. Even the number of barrels was adjustable.

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