They also want to live! A former Changchun millionaire saves hundreds of dogs from a slaughterhouse 10/19/2016 •

Animals are the sweetest creatures. Unfortunately, many of them don’t have loving owners beside. But all is not lost! See an inspiring story of a man who spent all his money to save stray dogs from hunger and death.

Meet 29-year-old Wang Yan from Gelong town in Jilin province.
His way from a
Changchun millionaire to an owner of an animal rescue center began in 2012 when he found his beloved dog missing. He went looking everywhere, but all in vain. Then he went into a slaughterhouse to try his luck there. He couldn’t find his pet, instead, he found scenes of bloody slaughter that shocked him. After such experience, Wang Yan used all his fortune to buy the slaughterhouse and help hundreds of dogs find a loving home.

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