This video explains the weird behavior of house cats! 7/27/2016 •

We adore cats, we love cats, we make them the members of our families. But still we often don't understand the feline weird behavior. In fact, there is nothing more than pure science behind it all...

Cats have lived on their own for tens of thousands of years. Only less than a century ago we started keeping cats as pets at home, but it was definitely enough to fall in love with these amiable creatures. Actually, domestic cats are well adapted to live in the wild, and that explains their behaviors, which seem strange and annoying to us. In this short video lesson Tony Buffington discloses cats' secrets and finally throws light on what makes our beloved pets climb bookcases and pounce on our stuff.

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And do you have a cat? Does your pet behave the way Grizmo does? If you have any interesting stories about your cats to share, we are waiting for your comments!


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