This homeless man did an impressive thing during a social experiment 8/12/2016 •

Even the author of this experiment didn't foresee such a touching and unexpected ending!

Johal, the author of this video, often makes amazing pranks and social experiments, trying to inspire everyone to help the ones in need and be more positive. During this one he pretended to be a father who was looking for his lost daughter for several days already. Johal was watching strangers' reactions until he approached this kindhearted homeless man, who then did an amazing thing...

This video inspired us a lot. Some say, the ones in need sometimes are able to give a lot more than the men of wealth. The story of this young homeless man really blows one's mind and turns attention to the problem of poverty and our attitude toward it. One thing is clear: this guy is one in a million type of person.

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What do you think of this video? Did it inspire you? Or did it make you sad? Share your thoughts and emotions with us in the comments below.

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