This is worth seeing: man created a homemade hoverbike that gets off the ground! 7/1/2016 •

Colin Furze is an incredibly talented inventor who creates various crazy devices and machines right in his backyard. His recent creation is a hoverbike which can really fly!

Colin lives and works in Stamford, England. At the age of 16, he started to work as a plumber, but one day he saw a TV-show called Gadget Geeks. This TV series inspired him so much, that the guy decided to design and make something unusual himself.

Since that time, Colin spends hours constructing exclusive and stunning devices, and his engineering and plumbing skills turned out to be very useful. Colin has a channel on YouTube where he posts videos of his devices in action and describes the process of their creation. Currently, he has more than 3 million fans and followers.

This time the young inventor designed and constructed a hoverbike which operates on two paramotors. According to Colin, he didn’t believe that this machine could get off the ground, but it did! It actually flies or hovers 1 meter above the ground!

Watch the video to see it with your own eyes and find out the details!

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