This orangutan became a careful father to the tiger cubs! 10/2/2016 •

The parental instinct is universal, and this cute story proves it.

Such friendship may seem absolutely incredible, but this is actually not the first time orangutans and tigers have been mentioned together. Several years ago a pair of little tigers from an Indonesian zoo became inseparable with baby orangutans:

This time, baby tigers from the Myrtle Beach Safari developed a close friendship with an adult male orangutan. They play together almost every day, and the ape even acts like a real caretaker: he embraces the babies and even bottle-feeds them!

Why does it happen? The orangutan observed people taking care of the big cats and just followed their example, scientists say. In fact, apes are often able to imitate human behavior and even speech. Now the guy from the video really thinks he has become a surrogate parent and enjoys it!

In this adorable video, watch as the orangutan and his baby tigers spend time together:

What do you think of this wonderful story of friendship? We are waiting for your comments!

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