This saved raccoon shares home with two dogs and believes she is a dog too! 3/12/2016 •

This saved raccoon shares home with two dogs and believes she is a dog too!

A year ago a tiny fluffy coon dropped from a tree onto Rosie Camp’s head, a girl from Nassau, Bahamas. The cute baby animal was only a month old then and one of its rear legs was broken.

It was clear that the mother wouldn’t be back for the injured cub and Rosie made a brave decision to adopt the poor thing.

Now the funny and clever coon by the name of Pumpkin lives together with Rosie’s two pet dogs and seems to be perfectly happy! Pumpkin has become attached to all the family members and follows her mistress and two dogs everywhere.

Rosie says the coon really thinks herself to be a dog: she very often behaves like a dog and even tries to become a leader of the other two pets.

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