This story about a Collie dog adopting a baby fox will touch anybody! 6/8/2016 •

This extraordinary animal friendship between a dog and a fox has already won hearts of many Internet users. You are the next!

Dinozzo the fox came into the world in one of the German forests. His life would have been the same as that of many other wild foxes but for his mother’s death on a road. Unfortunately, she was hit by a car and died leaving the cub alone and unprotected in this cruel world.

However, Dinozzo turned out to be very lucky – he was found by people and taken to a veterinary hospital, and then adopted by a family who had a dog, a cat and two pigs.

Ziva the collie dog liked the cub so much that started to treat him as her own baby. This love is mutual and the two spend most of the time together. The collie adores taking care of the baby fox and playing with him. By the way, the family’s cat is also rather friendly towards Dinozzo, so the latter feels at ease at his new home.

After looking at these touching pictures, you understand, that people may learn a lot from animals.

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