This Video Will Show You The True Essence of Love 12/27/2015 •

All dictionaries define a mother as a female parent, but, obviously, a mother is more than just a parent. Most of us hardly stop thinking of how mothers feel. We got used to their unconditional love. We hope today we will remind you of something important.

Love is defined as a great liking or affection. But love is more than just an affection. It is something stronger. True love is never jealous. So mothers may seem just like ordinary people, but they are really superheroes. Because they have something special about them. They know exactly what true love is.

A mother will always have a smile on her face if she knows that her child is safe. When a child is upset, he or she might say awful things, yet a mother always forgives and forgets. Remember, your mother - is your only treasure!

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