Thousands of spiders occupied Main Street bridge in Columbus, Ohio! 1/30/2016 •

The bridge in the capital city of Ohio is taken over by about 10 thousand spiders of different species, mostly by Araneidae and Tetragnathidae. Scientists assure that they pose no threat to people.

Cases when spiders inhabit bridges and other human-made constructions are not rare but this time, the number of arachnids is really enormous! Arachnologists suppose that this was caused by a combination of circumstances. The bridge over the Sioto River that cost $60 million was built to connect two city districts. The river bed was narrowed a bit to make a park on one of the banks and this could provoke intensive reproduction of various insects that live near water. As a result at night, army of insects fly to the bridge attracted by its bright illumination whereas spiders use this lucky opportunity to hunt.

Interestingly, the bridge is inhabited both by adult spiders and youngsters. Naturalists believe that this phenomenon gives evidence of a good ecological situation in the area.

Have you ever come across similar phenomena? Tell us in the comments below!


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