Touching video of a Portuguese boy consoling a crying French fan after Euro-2016 final! 7/11/2016 •

Touching video of a Portuguese boy consoling a crying French fan after Euro-2016 final!

This video captured on the streets of Paris is a good end of this full of events, scandals and surprises tournament. That's a great example for all fans of how to behave properly!

The last match of Euro-2016 took place on Sunday, July 10. Portugal beat France 1-0, the only goal of the match being scored by Eder during extra-time. Thus, Portugal has become the champion of Europe for the first time in the history of the country.

When the captain of Portuguese team and a soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo got injured in the middle of the first 45-minute half and left the field on a stretcher, many people expected France to take an advantage of it and win the tournament. However, Portugal managed to halt all the attacks and score a winning goal.

No wonder that many French fans were extremely disappointed. For example, some French man was so upset, that couldn’t help crying right on the street. A boy, obviously a Portuguese fan, didn’t stay indifferent to this man’s sorrow and tried to console him with the help of hugs! This scene was first demonstrated on BBC and touched the hearts of many people, especially after the notorious battles between fans during this championship.

Isn't it a touching video? Are you a football (soccer) fan? Tell us in the comments!


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