Unbelievable: almost everything can be cut in half with simple…water! 5/19/2016 •

Water is really a unique substance since it can be applied in many areas of life and industry. But have you known that it can be used in cutting things? Watch the videos to find proof!

The Omax Abrasive company has created a special channel on Youtube. There they demonstrate how various things can be cut with water. This method is called water jet cutting. A jet of water under high pressure and with high speed can cut things of almost any density and quality. Interestingly, the similar process exists in nature though it usually takes a lot of time. We know it as erosion.

The videos serve to advertise the company’s equipment for cutting, but they appeared to be very hypnotizing. The subscribers of the channel look forward to new objects being cut in half.

Recently, the creators of the channel have cut a notebook. Looks impressive!

Among other things they have cut

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