Unbelievable: Californian mite beats a record of cheetah and now is considered the fastest animal on the planet! 6/7/2016 •

If you still think that the cheetah is the world’s fastest creature, you are wrong! The new world record belongs to a tiny yet extremely fast insect Paratarsotomus macropalpis.

But how is it possible? Of course, a tiny mite cannot outrun a cheetah in the direct sense of the word. However, if we compare their maximum speed to their body size, we will see that this tiny insect is much faster than any known animal on the Earth!

The cheetah can reach the speed of 26 meters per second. In other words, it covers a distance 16 times bigger than its body length per second. As to the mite, the insect as small as a sesame seed is able to cover a distance of 322 its body lengths per second!

By the way, the previous world record belonged to the Australian tiger-beetle, which is capable of covering a distance of 171 its body lengths.

In case you still don’t have the slightest idea how fast it is, then here is a vivid analogy. If a human were able to run as fast as a mite, he/she would do it at a speed of 581 meters per second which is equal to 2,092 km/h! Just amazing!

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