Unbelievable: the mysterious noise from the Caribbean sea may be heard from space 6/26/2016 •

Do you like the sound of the ocean? It's considered one of the most pleasant and relaxing melodies on Earth. It has been recently found out that the magical sounds of the Caribbean may reach... space!

Actually, these very sounds are far from the ones able to please our ears: they are too low to be heard by humans. Anyway, these mysterious melodies somehow disrupt the gravity field of our planet, that's why they may be detected in space.

What these sounds actually are? It is a result of a unique combination of water movements, which is possible due to the special underwater environment of the Caribbean. Put simply, the structure of the Caribbean basin resembles an enormous and extremely powerful whistle. This natural phenomenon is known as oceanic Rossby Waves.

The discovery is going to be helpful for meteorology, as the study of the waves may be used in predicting floods and monitoring the Caribbean climate.

For this video the sound has been pitched up several octaves so humans can hear it. Put on your headphones and listen to this mysterious noise!

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What do you think of it? It is hard to believe in such things, isn't it? Share your feelings and thoughts with us in the comments below!


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