Virtual Reality Features Are Brought to YouTube 12/30/2015 •

Welcome to the era of virtual reality! A new interactive video format is brought to life and we enjoy the new perspectives. The 360-degree videos make you feel like you are right there, furthermore, they let you experience something really special.

Such a format is available only for select Android devices now. However, next year 360-degree videos will be brought to more devices and the YouTube iOS app as well.

So if you are a lucky owner of a "required" Android device, then your phone becomes a secret window to a story happening outside. With the help of your phone's sensors you make the story interactive. You just move your phone and unlock mini-stories within the main one.

Don't feel sad if you do not have such a phone, as there are also special YouTube 360 versions for all other devices such as iOS devices and personal computers. However, you will miss out on some secret plot lines.

"Special Delivery" has 10 subplots and 3 potential ways to view an ending. Each viewing is promised to be unique.

As a bonus, we want you to watch the video "Time Couch".

What do you think about such videos? Do you feel like we live in "the future"? Which of the two videos do you like most? Please, tell us in the comments below!


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