What color of the pills do you see? The new illusion to rival THAT dress! 12/5/2015 •

What color of the pills do you see? The new illusion to rival THAT dress!

We have already forgotten the story of THAT dress. And now we have a new optical illusion messing with human mind. This visual trick became so popular that even a top scientist used it at the social network's annual conference. So, tell us: what color are these pills?

You know that our visual system takes its best guess at the color and communicates that to our minds?

Some people say that these pills are both grey, other people are sure that the left pill is blue and the right one is red. What do YOU see?

Actually, the trick was unveiled by the chief scientist owned by Facebook. And he revealed the truth by saying that both pills are...grey!

Pills are still the same, but the background is changed to the dark one. And now you are able to see the genuine color of the mysterious pills!

The scientist made a speech about perception and inference. In his explanation of the "pill's phenomenon", he referred to the black and blue/white and gold dress.

By the way, do you know that some people are able to see both variations of this dress' color? Are you one of them? Please, tell us in the comments below!

The thing is that our loyal visual system just takes its guess at the color, then it has to communicate the best guess to our brain.

The brain always compensates for the limited data it collects by maintaining a model of the real world. And everybody knows that this model is being constantly updated as every second we recieve new data. What you need to know is that we experience this very model, not the real world!

So, the pills are the same shade of grey, while the red and blue colors are simply what your brain perceives - the best guess. And the best guess is based on the rest of the information around you.

If you do not believe us, you can check yourself: now, even when you know that the pills are grey, your brain still consider them as red and blue ones.

What does your brain see? Please answer what color are these pills?

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