Why do floaters appear in your eyes? Here's a clear yet interesting explanation! 11/1/2015 •

Almost every person sees once in a while some strange tiny objects swimming in his field of vision. Such objects are usually called floaters. If you still don’t know the reason for this phenomenon, then you’re welcome to read our post and watch the video!

First of all, don’t be afraid. There is nothing strange or atypical of this phenomenon. Moreover, this is quite a common thing that happens rather often to the majority of people. The scientific term for it is “muscae volitantes” which can be translated from Latin as “flying flies”. Of course, these are not flies or bugs or anything like that.

These are actually red blood cells, clumps of protein or other pieces of tissue inside our eye. We see them because they throw a shadow on our eye retina.

To learn more details about the muscae volitantes, watch the video that explains everything in a simple yet interesting way.

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