Why Do People In Old Movies Talk Weird? 11/29/2015 •

Have you ever watched a black-and-white movie? We have watched some and now we wonder why the actors sound so funny? Hopefully, we managed to find an answer to the question. Just watch this video as it explains why the people in old movies might have such a strange accent or dialect!

It's important! Spoilers: Continue to read if you have already watched the video!

The video explains that the upper-crust accent is reminiscent of British aristocracy. It was the style of speaking taught to students in expensive boarding schools. The style includes such peculiarities of speech as: enunciated T's (in words like fighter, water) and dropped R's (in words like speaker, winner).

Such an accent is called the transatlantic accent. You might have also heard it on old school radio.

Why don't we have such an accent anymore? The thing is that the accent fell out of favor in 1950. There were fewer teachers who could teach the manner of speaking. Today, it's almost impossible to hear someone speaking that weird. You can probably only occasionally hear it on stage at the theatuhh.

Do you like such a noble accent? Please, share your opinion in the comments below!

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