Why you should be afraid of women: the legend of Aristotle and Phyllis 8/30/2015 •

Why you should be afraid of women: the legend of Aristotle and Phyllis

Aristotle once called a woman a wild and mindless human being. Unfortunately, the Fate decided to have the revenge on the great philosopher for having been such a sexist. The story of Aristotle's humiliation cannot be considered as the genuine truth, but still it could be a lesson for those who think of women as harmless and appeasable creatures.

Despite Aristotle's contempt for females, he understood the magic of their power over the stronger half of humanity. He knew that most women abuse this power to make men softer and weaker. That's why Aristotle tried hard to convince his pupils that women might be the cruelest enemies ever.

As the story goes, Phyllis was a mistress of Alexander the Great who was one of Aristotle's disciples. Aristotle was against their love affair and often told Alexander that this passion was dangerous. It happened that Phyllis was so offended at Aristotle's behavior that she made up her mind to charm the philosopher.

So, Aristotle became a victim of the adventuress who wasn't going to forgive the offense. Aristotle was blind with love and ready to do everything for his mistress. To prove his feelings, he even had to pretend a horse and to carry the woman on his back. Just imagine the wisest man of ancient Greece doing this!

Alexander witnessed the sad illustration of his teacher's warnings and became strongly convinced that women are sly and treacherous by nature.

According to other versions, Aristotle didn't actually fall in love with the courtesan - he just intended to teach Alexander a lesson.

The legend got extremely popular with medieval artists who alluded to the story in their various creations.


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