You will be marveled by this authentic monumental art of a small Burkina Faso village! 5/21/2016 •

Are you ready to get a dose of aesthetic pleasure? Then, we go to Burkina Faso , a country in Western Africa which can hardly be called a popular touristic destination , but hides many wonderful places!

A small locality under the name of Tiebele is a unique place with authentic architecture hand-painted with traditional monochromic motives by Gourounsi people.

The dwellings in the village are built from natural materials only, such as straw, clay and wood. They are perfect shelters protecting their dwellers from scorching sunshine or rain.

Nearly all surfaces of the village, both horizontal and vertical, are covered with whimsical geometric patterns each of them having a sacral meaning. Remarkably, none of them is repeated!

The process of decorating requires a heap of time and patience. First, local artists should prepare special paints made of chalk, dirt and clay. After a surface is covered with paintings, the latter should be carefully polished and then sprayed with a lacquer from the leaves of acacia.

As a result, the village looks like a place from some other world or dimension!

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