You won't believe your EARS! This dog can sing like Whitney Houston! 10/15/2015 •

Do you really think that only humans have an ear for music? Just have a look at this dog! We were so AMAZED to watch her performance, and we are sure, you'd like to see it with your own eyes too!

The judges on a Belgium talent show are known as harsh critics. You have to prove them that you ARE extraordinary in order to earn their approval, and that is not easy. However, the judges have been recently won a dog!

The judging panel appeared to be greatly surprised, when a man who came to the show revealed not his own talents, but that of his singing dog Lady Xena.

The dog was accompanied by a backing track of Whitney Houston's most popular song 'I Will Always Love You'. The dog let off the high pitched howl as the song concluded, thus, receiving the biggest applause from the audience.

The judges were shocked! No wonder the dog soon became a real sensation in her country.

The owners of the dog discovered her talent quite by chance. Once, they took her to the café where Whitney Houston's song was playing. And Lady Xena started to sing! It must have been really weird, don't you think so?

And now you are welcome to watch the performance and share your impressions in the comments below!

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