Talented artist paints on water using an ancient Turkish art technique! 7/13/2016 • Andy

The resulting pictures are just marvelous, but the process of their creation is no less wonderful. That's what I call magic!

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Touching video of a Portuguese boy consoling a crying French fan after Euro-2016 final! 7/11/2016 • The Happy One

This video captured on the streets of Paris is a good end of this full of events, scandals and surprises tournament. That's a great example for all fans of how to behave properly!

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8 most unusual mushrooms that don’t look like mushrooms at all! 7/10/2016 • Ferrari

Our forests hide many bizarre and funny-looking fungi, but many of us have never seen these wonderful creations by Mother Nature. Let’s discover the strangest of them right now!

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This animated map shows vividly how world religions spread across the globe! 7/9/2016 • Terry

Have you ever wondered how 5 world religions are distributed on the planet? The time-lapse video by Business Insider demonstrates both the current situation and the process of their spreading across the Earth. Looks really impressive!

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Two British pensioners created a funny-looking yet effective breakfast machine! 7/8/2016 • Alma Jara

The men were inspired by Autochef - a machine from the famous Wallace and Gromit cartoon!

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China has completed the construction of the largest alien-hunting telescope in the world! 7/7/2016 • Сherrrrrri

With this huge radio telescope scientists have much more chances to register any signals from aliens if they really exist!

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American professor has created a tree that grows 40 different types of fruit! 7/6/2016 • Diane McKenzie

Believe it or not, but the Tree-40-fruit really exists. It is a unique and amazing creation by Sam Van Aken, a selectionist and artist. With the help of grafting, he turned a common tree into a garden!

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How to get an Oscar at six: a story of the most popular American child actress! 7/5/2016 • Kesaru Aosoki

In 1930s, this girl became America’s sweetheart and the highest-paid actress of her time. She saved Fox Films from ruin and made happy millions of Americans during the Great Depression. As you have already guessed, her name is Shirley Temple.

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#Culture #History

Happy Independence Day: learn something new about one of America’s major holidays! 7/4/2016 • Сursed Dawn

This year American people celebrate the 240th Anniversary of the Declaration of Independence! Let’s recollect interesting facts about it and cook something delicious specially for this day!

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#Geography #Culture #History