The Faroe Islands: the fairytale land with no prisons and passenger fares 7/26/2016 • Beatrix Vangor

This remote country between Iceland and Norway is a dream of every keen traveler. Let's find out more about the life on the amazing Faroe Islands.

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Dangerous journey: these people risk their lives every day while travelling to work! 7/25/2016 • ally

For many Bangladeshi people this journey becomes fatal, but every day they keep climbing to the roofs of trains since this is the only way to get to work and earn some money.

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Can a hot drink cool you down faster than a cold one? 7/24/2016 • marcus vandible

In the heat of this summer, there’s nothing like the taste of ice cold water.

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10 best movies of this summer that you shouldn’t miss! 7/23/2016 • Brooke Becker

We’ve prepared a guide of the most remarkable movies of summer 2016 that are really worth seeing!

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10 amazing realistic oil paintings by Edward Hopper 7/22/2016 • Gloria Vargas

Edward Hopper, a prominent American realist, was born on the 22nd of July, 1882. His masterpieces are well-known worldwide as unique and melancholic reflections of American life.

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They made it! 15 actors who look like the real people they portrayed 7/21/2016 • Tanja!!!!

Good actors pretend to be other people. Great actors literally live lives of their characters.

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Shocking social experiment: a child actress was dressed first as a poor and then as a rich girl! 7/20/2016 • chrissy

This experiment by Unicef has provoked a heated discussion on the Internet. Its aim was to find out how people would react to a rich and poor child being alone in a public place. The results were quite surprising.

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A man has been building a huge cathedral by hand for 53 years! 7/18/2016 • jenniffer leston

This old man devoted all his life to constructing a Christian cathedral. The most astonishing thing is that he builds it all by himself!

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15 examples of true cat-dog friendship that will make you smile! 7/17/2016 • Allison Posner

These touching examples prove that animals are able to feel various emotions, including love!

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