A boy, left in the forest by his parents, becomes breaking news across the world! 6/5/2016 • Russell Leiding

A 7-year old boy from Japan behaved badly during a family drive through a forest. In order to punish him, the parents told the boy to get out of the car. What happened next is simply unbelievable!

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Discover amazing facts about garlic – the world's superfood! 6/3/2016 • Gloria Vargas

How much do you know about garlic except that it adds zest to your meals? We bet you aren’t aware of all the interesting things about it that we are going to share!

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12 legendary facts about Muhammad Ali, one of the greatest sportsmen in history! 6/3/2016 • angela

On the 3d of June, 2016 the world lost a legendary boxer and man, whose name is familiar to almost all people on the planet. He was 74 years old and the last 30 years struggled against a severe disease. Let’s honor the memory of this great man and recollect the most remarkable facts of his life.

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Man creates ingenious hand puppets that look and move like living creatures! 6/2/2016 • khadeidra thomas

We were totally astonished when we saw these marvelous creations by Barnaby Dixon, a puppet maker who spent a year and a half working on his puppet concept!

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Interesting science: 15 beyond belief facts about lightning! 6/1/2016 • Lynda Earls

Are you afraid of lightning? Well, it’s no wonder since lightning is one of the most dangerous and unpredictable phenomena of nature. Let’s discover the most exciting and interesting facts about it!

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Scientists found the gene responsible for reducing lifespan because of stress and bad mood! 5/31/2016 • David Pafford

It’s high time to start fighting your stress and depression since researchers have found proof of the famous belief that all illnesses are caused by bad mood and distress!

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25 cool ideas for making your balcony the coziest place on Earth! 5/30/2016 • Terry

Do you have a small balcony? Are you eager to turn it into a real urban oasis, but don’t know how to do it? Then this post is certainly for you!

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Unbelievable story behind the famous “Hand of Hope” photo! 5/29/2016 • melissa esserwein

In 1999, this photograph became breaking news across the world. In this picture a 21-week fetus puts his hand out of the mother’s uterus during a complicated operation and touches the surgeon’s finger. We decided to find out what has become of this baby by now.

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Delicate pressed flower jewelry that will win a heart of any woman! 5/28/2016 • Christine L

Adrienne DeLoe creates wonderful and unique necklaces and earrings decorated with real flowers and plants. We bet you won’t stay indifferent!

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You’ll be touched by the story of an eyeless chicken whose owners refused to cull her! 5/27/2016 • Beatrix Vangor

This chick was born without eyes and her owner Rebekah Cummings was told to put the little bird down. But the girl refused and that's what came out of it!

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