Boeing shows off an innovative material that is the lightest metallic structure ever made! 10/17/2015 • wilson

This material is called microlattice. It consists of special hollow metal tubes with the walls of 100 nm, which is almost 1000 times thinner than a hair! Besides, the structure contains 99.99% of air and can easily rest on top of a dandelion!

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These gorgeous photos of perfect, natural beauty look fake! 10/16/2015 • Roxanne

It is astonishing! If you look at the photos, you will never believe that they were taken by a human! Have YOU ever seen anything quite like these images?

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#Geography #art #photography

You won't believe your EARS! This dog can sing like Whitney Houston! 10/15/2015 • Charlotte Mills

Do you really think that only humans have an ear for music? Just have a look at this dog! We were so AMAZED to watch her performance, and we are sure, you'd like to see it with your own eyes too!

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#animals #funny #music

Astonishing experiment in the metro: Joshua Bell plays his Stradivarius violin! 10/14/2015 • Stephanie Nixon

Do you often see street musicians? Do you ever stop to enjoy their performance? Can you recognize the real beauty in everyday routine? The Washington Post carried out an experiment when a world-renowned violinist played in the Subway. The result was surprising.

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You will be amazed! 7 largest and delightfully weird insects! 10/13/2015 • Allison Posner

Did you know that the largest insects that ever lived on our planet were bugs with wingspans of nearly 2 feet? Don't worry, though, as they became extinct a long time ago. Today, insects can't grow that large. Nevertheless, some of them are large enough for you to be astonished or terrified!

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The cutest squirrel has her own instagram account! 10/12/2015 • Elena

Her name is Jill and she is the sweetest creature ever! Once people saved her life when she fell out of her nest and now this tiny squirrel pays them back with all her love.

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Migingo – one of the most populous islands in the world! 10/11/2015 • vicki

Migingo Island is situated amid Lake Victoria in Africa. Its area is only 1.8 km2 or 0.45 acres. However, the population of the island is about 131 people!

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15 photos of real car accidents that look like shots from thriller movies! 10/10/2015 • Teresa henderson. ARTIST

Our life is so unpredictable and diverse that even the most talented script-writers cannot compare with it. These funny pictures of car accidents prove it. They may seem very unrealistic, but we guarantee they were not photoshopped!

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An american artist creates amazing art objects by tearing them apart! 10/9/2015 • Mireya Rodriguez

What do you think art is? Valery Hegarty is an American artist who presents her own point of view. She creates surrealistic installations that fascinate and scare you at the same time.

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9 cool facts about ice on the Earth! 10/8/2015 • Carry Baker

Today scientists know 16 crystalline forms of ice. The last one discovered in 2009 exists under the pressure of 10,000 atm and at the temperature of -238 ⁰F (-150 ⁰C).

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