World's most magical forests that should be visited and admired! 12/7/2015 • Terry

Are you lucky enough to live aside from hipsters and megathrust earthquakes? Then, you have some beautiful forests around you to set foot in. However, we want to show you the most magnificent forests, full of the massive trees, moss and ferns. Prepare for magic!

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This railway line in Hanoi is several inches away from the doorsteps of buildings! 12/6/2015 • Muhammad Rasheed

This railway road passes through an old commercial and residential neighborhood of Hanoi, Vietnam. It wouldn’t attract our attention if it weren’t right in-between houses, just a few inches from the doorways!

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What color of the pills do you see? The new illusion to rival THAT dress! 12/5/2015 • Lynda Earls

We have already forgotten the story of THAT dress. And now we have a new optical illusion messing with human mind. This visual trick became so popular that even a top scientist used it at the social network's annual conference. So, tell us: what color are these pills?

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10 wonderful art projects that will amaze you! 12/4/2015 • richmond

Words are not enough to describe the beauty of the human fantasy, but we shall try to do it, as we really want you to see how amazing the power of a creative brain is. Explore the world with us!

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The most fashionable grandpa has more style than modern hipsters! 12/3/2015 • Darrell Goolsby

Fashion is for everybody - that's what Günther Krabbenhöft tries to say and he looks fabulous! This elderly gentleman has always dressed like a dandy and finds his dresses pretty normal. Well, we are impressed!

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One of the most touching Christmas fairy-tales will make you long for this holiday! 12/2/2015 • Russell Leiding

Do you believe in magic? We have watched this video and now we truly do...We believe in people's kindness and generosity. And we want you to belive in goodness too!

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The incredible performance by Haley Rose Viloria! The most flexible woman ever! 12/1/2015 • Cynthia Walter

Cirque du Soleil (translated as "Circus of the Sun") is a Canadian entertainment company founded in 1984. Haley is one of the circus' performers. To be the part of such a great company means to work hard - and Haley does work hard.

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The story of a rescued Biscuits. It will make your eyes rain tears of joy! 11/30/2015 • chrissy

Biscuits is a southern flying squirrel who was found half dead, lying on the sidewalk by one good guy. He picked her up and posted pictures on the internet that very day. Everybody told him that the squirrel would die as he is not an animal rehabber.

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Why Do People In Old Movies Talk Weird? 11/29/2015 • Russell Leiding

Have you ever watched a black-and-white movie? We have watched some and now we wonder why the actors sound so funny? Hopefully, we managed to find an answer to the question. Just watch this video as it explains why the people in old movies might have such a strange accent or dialect!

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The Tawny Frogmouth - the cutest owl-like bird ever! 11/28/2015 • Raytheda Peacock

Tawny Frogmouths live in Australia. Why are they called "Frog mouths"? That's because of their huge, wide and funny mouths, which make them look like fluffy little chicks. Check them right now - they are adorable!

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