The most incredible and unusual treehouses in the world 12/23/2016 • Mireya Rodriguez

As children, many of us had one particular dream: to build a house on a tree! As it turns out, some grown-ups live out their childhood dreams and create amazing and elaborate structures. Just look at these incredible treehouses from all over the world!

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The secrets of aging: the most fascinating facts about why and how we're getting old 12/21/2016 • Laslo Bako

Everyone knows our soul is ageless, but here we're talking about body age. Aging is a really complex process. For some people it's growing up, while for others it is already growing old. But what does aging truly mean? Find out how this process works in this educational video!

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Adorable pictures of cats who can't wait for Christmas 12/20/2016 • David Pafford

Every cat lover knows that when it comes to Christmas decor cats don't sit on the sidelines. They like to play with Christmas ornaments. Quizzclub team gathered the most adorable pictures of cats that are preparing for winter holidays!

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The most creative works of art made of firewood 12/19/2016 • Elena

People are extremely creative. They can create a masterpiece made of something we didn't even think of. Stunning works of art made of firewood are no exception. Just look at them!

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Is this the best Christmas ad you have ever watched? 12/18/2016 • Raytheda Peacock

We at QuizzClub have watched this enormously cute video for 2 or 3 times...or more. Now our team just have to share its kindness worldwide.

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This artist turns shadows into fascinating pictures 12/17/2016 • wilson

The artist and filmmaker from Belgium Vincent Bal has an Instagram page that is much more fascinating than other traditional pages. The illustrator posts photos, which depict bizarre things resulted from the pen of the author and the shadow of an object. You need to see this!

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Can you find all the 6 words hidden in this picture in less than a minute? 12/16/2016 • Brooke Becker

Let's play a game and find out how attentive you are! Today we challenge you to find all the hidden words in the hilarious drawing...

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Don't miss the most interesting facts about China 12/15/2016 • Eli

China is a beautiful country still mysterious and unfamiliar for us... Let's discover the most interesting things about this wonderful place together.

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This Polish Christmas ad has won Internet users' hearts with its kind story! 12/14/2016 • Kelly Martin

The New Year is right around the corner and we are waiting for magic, but sometimes we can create a miracle with our own hands. This movie is the story of a Polish grandpa who decided to achieve his goal no matter what it takes. Why? Watch the video till the end and you will understand everything.

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Top 7 common health myths dispelled 12/13/2016 • Rroberts

Almost all of us believe in these myths and live keeping them in mind. Let's dispel the most popular myths once and for all!

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