What Decade Of Fashion Do You Belong In?

Ever wondered which decade you belong in with your fashion style? Let's take you there!

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The Dominant Color You See Can Determine Which DISC Type You Are!

According to this scientific color test, the way a person sees color can determine what type of personality they have! This test determines which DISC type you are according to which colors dominate your vision. Find out now what DISC type you are!

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Can You Guess The Movie By Its Iconic Kiss Scene?

"I wrote you 365 letters. I wrote you everyday for a year."

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We Know Your Biggest Fear Based On The Images You Choose

It's incredible! The images you choose will say about your real fears in life!

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You Should Pass This Test If English Is Your First Language

Surprisingly, only 2 in 50 Native English speakers pass this test.


Is Your Brain More CAT or DOG?

Are you a dog or a cat person?

You may know which you prefer, but come find out which one you think most like!

Do you love cats? Do you really think that you have a lot in common with a stereotypical cat? These creatures are just being themselves - like humans do, but you have to admit that they can be a handful (by the way, just like dogs). They are independent, graceful and beautiful. They don't make messes like dogs do but they are hard to train. Moreover, most cats are lazy and sometimes even sneaky, while dogs are your most loyal friends.

Are you a dog person? Then, you know that a dog can be your best friend. Your dog will never betray you, while a cat can be absolutely indifferent to your love. A dog will be always happy to see you when you come home after work. However, some people believe that dogs sold dignity and independence for comfort and security.

So yes, we are really going to take the age-old debate of cat people VS dog people to a whole new level.

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How Rapidly Is Your Brain Aging?

According to experts, practicing brain training exercises on a regular basis can improve your brain's age by up to 20 years. How old does YOUR brain feel?

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Pick a Color and We’ll Tell You How Old You Are Inside

It's not for nothing that people often say age is just a number. The chances are you've met elderly people who still have an incredible amount of energy and optimism, and young people who just want peace and quiet. We at Bright Side recommend you give this unusual test a go to find out your inner age. Of course, the test doesn't come without a dose of humor, so don't take it too seriously. So, let's go!

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