You Have An IQ Score Of 152 Or Higher If You Know Where These 23 Obscure Countries Are

Some fields of general knowledge can asses your intelligence. Take this test to see whether your IQ is well above the average.

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Only People With An IQ Score Of 144 Or Higher Passed This Geography Test

If you pass this 22-question geography test, your IQ score is most likely 144 or higher.

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How much do you know about Europe

When it comes to Europe almost everyone knows the most famous sights and places that can be found there. But if you like to know more...or want to see how much you do know - try out this quiz.

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Can You Beat The Average American At Useless U.S. Trivia?

You won't know until the end of these 25 questions, so prove it with your True/False skills!

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Do You Know The Capitals Of These 26 European Countries?

We gave this test to 100 Americans, and only 24 answered more than 13 correctly.

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Are You A True Traveler?

Do you consider yourself a true explorer? A worldly voyager? Let's see how much of a wanderluster you are!

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Only 1 In 850 New Yorkers Passed This New York City Geography Test

New Yorkers, by reputation, are fast-talking, assertive and easily annoyed. Do you fit right in?

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