We Gave This Kids Math Test To 100 Adults And Only 3 Passed It

You are truly a phenomena among American adults (age 35-60) if you can pass this test (20 questions).


Only 1/10 Native English Speakers Can Complete This Word Association Test

The average adult knows 40,000 words. See how well your brain associates these English words.

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Only 1 In 10 People Knows These Shocking Health Facts. Do You?

Keeping healthy is always a trick. Can you uncover the truly surprising nature of these health statistics?

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How Well Do You REALLY Know Black History?

We all know George Washington Carver had something to do with peanuts, and MLK had a dream, but did you know that Barack Obama may not have been the first "black" president?


Can We Guess Your Level Of Education By The Books You Know?

Name all the books listed here and earn your master's degree.
27 books! Go!

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Do You Have The Color Theory Knowledge Of A Master Painter?

All artists need a basic understanding of color theory to create great work. Do you have the knowledge you need to know which colors mixed together will create the most beautiful hues? Test how well you understand the color wheel here!

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Only Mathematicians Can Name All Of These Complex Geometrical Shapes

Cubes. Rhombuses. Pah! They're child's play compared to these tricky geometric designs. Can you guess them all?