How Smart Is Your Brain?

The time has come. Prove that you are the smartest one!

Oh, well. This test will reveal whether you are using your brain properly. You already know that humans use only 4% of their brains. In fact, some people are able to get a lot more out of it. Their minds are truly beautiful and shine like diamonds. We will help you to find out if you belong to this amazing category of gifted ones. The tasks will be tough, but we believe in you! So, are you ready? How does your brain process information, and what does that say about you?

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Can You Solve These Insanely Hard Number Sequences?

Spot the pattern and figure out what comes next! How sharp are your math skills? Find out here!

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Test Your Science Knowledge

This quiz of general science knowledge was originally created by the Pew Research Center. Only 6% of Americans answer 100% of questions correct.

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What Is Your Geometric IQ?

How well can you answer these basic geometry questions?

Mathematics is often referred to as “the Queen of Sciences”. Geometry is one of its most important branches. Should we consider it “the Princess”? Well, in fact, geometry is not for everybody. Even basic geometry might seem extremely difficult for some people. Are you one of those who are afraid of this mathematical field? We hope you are not, because these awesome geometry questions can’t wait to be answered! What makes up your geometric IQ? Your critical thinking skills and your ability to visualize! So if you are a “visual person”, we are sure that you will show us the highest result.

Warning: be prepared to work with complex terminology!

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Unbelievable! 99% Of College Students Fail This Math Test

Only 15 questions to find out whether you're in the top 1%! Let's start immediately!

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Can You Answer These Basic Human Anatomy Questions?

How well do you know the human body? Try this quiz and see how many of these questions you can answer correctly!

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Can You Outsmart This Difficult True Or False Test?

You've probably seen quite a few random facts in your day, but have you actually been paying attention?

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Can You Pass Chemistry 101?

Do you have a basic understanding of chemistry? Test your knowledge with this exciting chemistry 101 quiz!

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