Which Magical Creature Are You?

Do you love the idea that magical creatures are real? Take this quiz and find out which magical creature you are!

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What Rose Color Matches Your Personality?

Everybody loves roses. Even Shakespeare admired these amazing flowers and compared his beloved women with Damascus Roses. Roses combine tenderness of petals and sharpness of thorns. Roses can grow to different lengths, shapes and colors. We guess that all women have a little rose in them, as they are also different yet beautiful in their way. That’s why we decided that it will be interesting for you to find out what rose color matches your unique personality most. Every color of a rose has a meaning, so we want to make it easier for you to see which one matches you more.

Are you a reserved person? Then, you’d probably get an amazing white rose. Are you an easily amused woman? Then, welcome to the band of orange roses. It’s difficult to say at once which rose color will perfectly suit your soul and habits, so why not taking this test and starting to put roses of your personal color around the house?

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What Is Your Spiritual Gift?

This is a very informal quiz to see which of the spiritual gifts you may have. Healing, Tongues, Miracles, have not been included in our tests because they tend to be self-evident.

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What Are You Up To In The Parallel Universe?

Parallel realities are no longer only science fiction. There are multiple dimensions with parallel worlds and that means there are multiple versions of you living out there right now. Let yourself connect to your other self and find out what you are doing in a parallel universe!

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Which Literary Monster Are You?

Halloween is the perfect time of the year to think about your darker side. For book nerds and word lovers, there is not much better than a good scary read. But you may never have thought about which terrifying monster you are actually most like. Find out with our fun Halloween quiz!

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Can You Name All 25 Mythological Creatures?

How many legendary critters from around the world can you name?

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What's Your True Zodiac Sign?

Now that NASA has determined the zodiac we know is wrong, what's your real sign? Find out here!

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