Frequently asked questions

What do I do with coins?

Coins enable you to buy useful stuff in QuizzClub Store. There you can find various items that will help you to boost your score.

Use coins to buy hints that will help you to increase your chances to answer a question correctly (1 hint = 1 coin). You can find hints under answer options.

1) Hint ‘50/50’. Use this hint if you want to eliminate two incorrect answers in a question and raise your chance of choosing the correct answer.

2) Hint ‘Replace question’. Use this hint if you don't like the question or you're not sure what the correct answer is. Activate the hint to skip a question and answer another instead.

3) Hint ‘Double chance’. Use this hint if you are not sure which of 2 answer options is correct. Activate the hint, then choose the answer. If it is incorrect, then you'll be able to try to answer again.

4) Hint ‘Majority vote’. Activate this hint to take a look at other players’ answers on a diagram. See what answer option the majority of players chose.

Find what else can be helpful for you to make your game more exciting and interesting in QuizzClub Store here.