The 1961 film "The Guns of Navarone" starred Gregory Peck as Keith Mallory. When the sequel was produced in 1978, it was felt Peck was too old for the part. Robert Shaw was cast to portray Keith Mallory, with Edward Fox as the part of Sergeant Miller, in place of David Niven.

The movie picks up after "The Guns of Navarone" ended, two missions are put into action, first the spy known as Nicolai who betrayed the mission to Navarone has infiltrated the Yugoslav Partisans (anti-fascist resistance fighters) is targeted to be eliminated by Mallory and Miller. The pair is combined with a special espionage unit named "Force 10" to go into Yugoslavia and destroy a vital bridge.

Arriving in Yugoslavia with a stolen British bomber, they are shot down and most of the Force 10 personnel are killed. The survivors meet up with the Partisans where Nicolai is posing as Yugoslav officer named Lescovar (played by Franco Nero). Lescovar joins Force 10 to steal explosives from a Nazi depot in order to destroy the bridge. Lescovar betrays the group who is discovered and is shot by the Force 10 commander, Lt. Col. Barnsby (Harrison Ford). With explosives stolen from the Germans, Force 10 blows up a dam upstream of the target bridge, with the onrush of water, the bridge is destroyed. The surviving members find themselves on the wrong side of the river in order to get back to Allied territory.

The film did not do well at the box office, taking in US$7 million on a US$10 million budget.

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