4 must-see Asian art-house movies of the 2000s that may change your life!

4 must-see Asian art-house movies of the 2000s that may change your life!

Are you tired of similar Hollywood movies? Then it’s time to discover wonderful examples of Asian cinematography that every thinking person should watch!

We have prepared a list of 4 sublime Asian movies of the 21st century which are both beautiful and philosophic. All of them gained critical acclaim and deserve to be called art.

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Have you ever watched any of these movies? What other great Asian movies can you recommend? Tell us in the comments!


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Phoebe Gamponia
Phoebe Gamponia
I love the music too and the costumes , the scenery , and the plot !
Jun 18, 2016 12:53AM
Stavroula Avgousti
I have watched the first one, "Spring, Summer...", beautiful acting, very beautiful landscapes, and others such as "the tiger and the dragon", there is also a Japanese movie of the 50s, about an elderly couple, very beautiful and moving, but I don't remember the title... And another one, more recent, about a Samurai, whose wife is dead, and he is the caring and tender father of two little daughters...
Jun 18, 2016 8:18AM
Monica Robinson
Raise the Red Lantern.
Jun 19, 2016 3:28AM
Yolanda Solis
All around beautiful
Jun 19, 2016 9:10PM
Katherine Casey
Stavroula Avgousti, It's possible that the 1950s movie you remember with the elderly couple is Tokyo Story directed by Yazujirô Ozu. Keep an eye out for all the parallel movements and his "pillow shots" (quick scenes with no action so you have time to absorb all that went before).
Jan 30, 2017 7:15PM

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