6 familiar symbols with unfamiliar origins

History Story: 6 familiar symbols with unfamiliar origins

Where have all these familiar symbols come from? What are their true meanings? QuizzClub team has found the answers...

Everyday people see thousands of signs and don't even think over why they mean this or that. They are just taken for granted. QuizzClub team has found the origins of the most popular signs we use in our everyday life. We bet you didn't know where they came from.

Did you know about the origins of these symbols? We are waiting for your response in the comments below.

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Your opinion matters
Karla Crary
Very interesting!
Apr 18, 2017 4:29PM
Pat Larsen Gunn
As far as writing English goes, there are so many errors in this piece that it is highly illiterate.
Apr 18, 2017 5:55PM
Gloria Berberi
Thank you...I was looking for those answers.
Apr 18, 2017 6:00PM
Virginia Marcotte
Yes, interesting!
Apr 18, 2017 10:37PM
Lloyd Briones
Apr 19, 2017 12:41AM
Carl Moore
The "OK" item mentions (Andrew) Jackson and Martin Van Buren. Van Buren was vice president during Jackson's 2nd term, then was elected president in 1836 while still the sitting vice president, then lost re-election bid in 1840.
Apr 19, 2017 4:11PM
Barb Horban
Apr 20, 2017 6:46PM
Gwendol O'Neal Easton
Nice info
Apr 21, 2017 8:09AM
William Miller Jr.
Very interesting
Apr 21, 2017 5:49PM
Linda Sandberg
Apr 21, 2017 7:26PM
Dora Soderberg
Apr 23, 2017 7:04PM
I knew about the "Ampersand" and that it had been part of the alphabet, at one time, but I didn't know about the rest of them. Very interesting! 😊
Apr 24, 2017 2:59AM
Great facts!
Apr 24, 2017 4:34PM
Eddie Cyster
Interesting but maybe the Medical sign just seems to be so illogical...
Apr 25, 2017 4:49AM
Apr 25, 2017 4:52PM

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