A very emotional video: children and adults give advice to themselves in the past

Ourselves in the past seem to us inexperienced and helpless. Sometimes we want to go back and give ourselves good advice. In this amazing video people from 7 to 93 years old send messages to their past selves. Watch one of the most touching video "How to age gracefully".

What advice would you give to yourself in the past if you could? Share your opinion in the comments!

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Your opinion matters
Danny More
Danny More
THat is a goosd one!
Jan 22, 2017 9:53PM
Maqsood Baluch
Jan 24, 2017 6:06AM
Raashid Khan
Interesting video!! Your thinking is your age.
Jan 27, 2017 5:46AM
Richard Macias
Richard Macias
Thanks I needed that today, LOL
Jan 27, 2017 10:41PM
Gloria Sanford
If I could speak to my younger self I would say; stay in school, don't get married young, live some life before giving up your freedom, and prepare for your old age before it is too late, finally enjoy every level of your life. Me at 71 years old.
Mar 26, 2017 4:53PM
Deborah Voves
Loved it!
Aug 6, 2017 4:31PM
Linda Spreng
Great stuff. I've been following the advice of the 8 year old for many, many years.
Oct 13, 2017 7:03PM
BettyMarie Shoaf
I'm pleased with the way I have grown to my present age .....which I am not telling!!!
Oct 14, 2017 1:09PM
Don Racette
Danny More...a goosd one???? Not a duck one . I'll be DOG gone.
Oct 15, 2017 4:36PM
Criona Walsh
Great advice, if only we heed it
Oct 20, 2017 6:50PM

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