How is it made? Beautiful process of making stuff out of glass

How is it made? Beautiful process of making stuff out of glass

We are used to such things as glass bottles or marble balls, and we usually don't think about the process of creating these well-known objects. As it turns out, making these things out of glass looks extremely beautiful and oddly satisfying...

  • Watch the first video to see the process of making a glass bottle from the beginning to the end:

  • As it turns out, creating ribboned glass is one of the most complicated processes in the art of glass-making. Maybe that's why it looks even more magnificent? Just take a look:

  • And that's what we liked the most. The process of creating marbles just won our hearts. For sure, it looks like pure magic! Watch it and just enjoy:

Some quick facts about glassblowing:

  • Glass is a very HOT material, as it melts at the temperature around 2,400 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Glass is made from a special, high-quality sand.
  • Two different popular techniques of blowing are used today: free blowing and mold blowing. Free blowing means creating glass completely by hand, and mold blowing requires the use of a mold.
  • Glassblowing was invented at the time of Roman Empire.

Have you ever seen the process of creating stuff out of glass before? Did you like the videos? Would you like to take a part in making things out of glass?

We are waiting for your comments!

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