Prado opens an exhibition for the blind

Prado opens an exhibition for the blind

An exhibition in Prado consists of several popular artworks that were recreated specifically for people with limited abilities.

The exhibition is open until June 28th, 2015 by some sources and until October 15th, 2015 by another, takes up only one hall in the Prado Museum. It has six specific art reproductions that can be "seen" by touching. Mona Lisa is one of them.

This is not the only attempt to reach out to the people who cannot experience the art to its fullest extent. The Metropolitan Museum of Art and a gallery in London also completed and conducted similar exhibitions, even had guides to explain the artworks and conduct some workshops with the visitors.

Each work cost around $6 680 and was created by a Spanish company Estudios Durero. The process starts with creating a photo of high resolution and choosing the material that would be more appealing to the touch. Then, with special ink the picture is printed and then using UV rays, the volume is added through a chemical reaction of rays and ink.

It is great to see initiative that goes to such a great cause.


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