These super cool devices will take you to the future right now

Have you ever dreamed of traveling to the future? QuizzClub team has found devices that will take you there. Watch and enjoy!

Scientists can't stop surprising us! Sometimes the inventions they create are beyond our imagination and all the rules of common sense. Flexible smartphones, levitating lamps and many other unbelievable devices are made every year to make our lives easier and better. QuizzClub team just adores all these inventions and super smart and resourceful scientists who made them. We bet these devices will take you to the future right now. Enjoy!

Have you ever heard about these devices? Which one of them would you like to have? We are waiting for your response in the comments below.

Learn something new with QuizzClub:

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Your opinion matters
Luzviminda Stiefel
very interesting.
Jul 5, 2017 2:34AM
Tom Burns
Like the Heating Jacket. cool
Jul 5, 2017 4:13PM
Kirk Tanaka
Jul 5, 2017 4:28PM
Ian MacBrown
My fave is the headphone translator. Right out of Star Trek. Now you can know what people are saying about you.😊👍
Jul 13, 2017 9:01PM
Ian MacBrown
I like the headphone translater.
Jul 15, 2017 8:15AM
Hester Williams
Very Cool
Jul 15, 2017 7:39PM
Quincy J. Reed
Aug 8, 2017 8:46PM

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