Why playing a musical instrument is so beneficial for one’s brain! 6/16/2016 •

Music can be titled the most mysterious and complicated type of art. It has a certain impact on both people who listen to music and people who play it. Let’s learn about some astonishing discoveries that have been recently made by modern science!

Neuroscientists have made a real breakthrough with the help of various instruments such as functional MRI and PET scanners. Researchers monitored brain of musicians in real time while the latter were playing various instruments. As a result, researchers managed to achieve some understanding in how a musician’s brain works. And it proved to be something amazing!

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Do you like the video? Can you play a musical instrument? Tell us in the comments!

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Your opinion matters
Carolyn Davis-Marquez
Yes I can play a flute, paino
Jun 12, 2016 10:35PM
Miriam Dearry
Miriam Dearry
No, I don't play a musical instrument. I am a singer.
Jun 14, 2016 7:42PM
John P. Childs
I play the radio
Jun 16, 2016 8:24PM
Spencer Young
Well, If this isn't music to my ears
Jun 16, 2016 8:27PM
Frederick Sopic
Your voice is an instrument. I am a lead singer/drummer
Jun 16, 2016 8:32PM
Carla Jones
Studies have been done for years showing the benefit of playing a musical instrument, including one by my father! I play piano daily and used to play cornet too!
Jun 16, 2016 8:38PM
Paul Castagnetta
i am a composer n writer of protest songs
Jun 16, 2016 8:45PM
Sue Waddell
Enjoyed the video - enjoy listening to music
Jun 16, 2016 8:52PM
Joanne Greer
me too John. That was funny; a good sense of humor benefits the brain too.
Jun 16, 2016 8:55PM
C-h L. Cooper
C-h L. Cooper
I can play piano a little. I do have to use my brain when I try to sightread.
Jun 16, 2016 8:59PM

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