Women are creating their own caves which look gorgeous! 4/30/2016 •

Women are creating their own caves which look gorgeous!

Who said that only men need their caves? Women also want to have sheds where they could hole up and relax. Meet 20 stylish and cozy she-caves that will conquer your heart at once!

All these she-sheds aren’t large and spacious but they are extremely comfortable and cute. As a rule, they are located in a yard near a house and surrounded by beautiful plants and flowers. Here a woman can have a rest, read a book, do some craftwork or have tea with friends.

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What shed do you like most of all? Tell us in the comments below!

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Your opinion matters
Carolyn Taylor
#13 calls to me.
Apr 30, 2016 8:10PM
Josh Dorn
Women were born with caves.
Apr 30, 2016 8:14PM
Kelly Tyler
I like the green house looking ones the best, with all the windows and light.
Apr 30, 2016 8:26PM
Kathy Shann
Kathy Shann
12, 13, 20
Apr 30, 2016 8:30PM
Mine is most like 15 inside with white gravel, rug, wicker, birdcage, plants--but mine is brick.
Apr 30, 2016 8:32PM
Nancy Paquette Lussier
Apr 30, 2016 8:39PM
Eileen Chesnik Miller
I love 6 and 14 is cute too.
Apr 30, 2016 8:43PM
I like #13 as well but it's #11 I want :)
Apr 30, 2016 8:45PM
Deborah Rhodey
#7 or #11 work for me!!
Apr 30, 2016 8:51PM
Gina Smith
Gina Smith
I like the beach caves best!
Apr 30, 2016 8:53PM

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