You Can Make These Cute Christmas Decorations In An Hour 12/24/2015 •

You Can Make These Cute Christmas Decorations In An Hour

Christmas is getting closer and closer :) Have you already decorated your house with fairy lights? Well, if you are a kind of lazy bones, we have some wonderful ideas for you to decorate your house in a cozy, yet creative way.

Let your Christmas party guests remember your unique style! We know, your imagination is wonderful, so probably you can change some of the ideas in the way you like it most. Anyway, we are sure that you will create a both merry and bright season atmosphere of Christmas.

Look at this amazing collection of the ideas. They are cheap and easy to be done even within an hour! Find your favorite one!

That's it! Which of these wonderful decorations do you like most? Please, tell us in the comments below!


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Jenny Faye Coleman
Jenny Faye Coleman
christmas tea light
Dec 26, 2015 2:01AM
The bottle light, then the Xmas tea light.
Dec 27, 2015 12:17AM
Bottle light, tea light
Dec 29, 2015 12:51AM
All of them are cute and very creative makes it fun for kids to help too! :)
Dec 30, 2015 7:29PM
Candace Caery
very original.
Jan 9, 2016 3:33PM
Pat Rhea
Pat Rhea
Bottle lights
Jun 25, 2016 1:54AM
Christmas window! So simple, yet so cute!
Sep 29, 2016 12:30PM
Libia L. Chavez
Christmas window and botle light
Nov 7, 2016 10:27AM

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