Nostalgia: what do you know about this feeling? 3/6/2017 • Virginia34

Do you really know what nostalgia is? Discover the most interesting facts in this incredible video!

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#History #psychology

Marvelous work of art on dark water by Garip Ay 3/5/2017 • Сarlos

Art is multifaceted! This artist from Turkey creates outstanding pictures on dark water. Look and enjoy.

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#art #inspiration

5 weird signals of your genius nature 3/4/2017 • Michael L.

You are more of genius than you think! QuizzClub team will prove it. Read these 5 features each true genius has, and make sure that you're one of them.

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Kids riddle: is it as simple as it seems? 3/3/2017 • Charlotte Mills

Did you miss our puzzles and riddles? Let's continue improving your attention and brain power. You have 1 minute and a picture to find all the words! The clock is ticking...

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Saving lives: amazing bridges and crossings for wild animals 3/2/2017 • Ashes to ashes

Bridges for animals not only save lives but also are really incredible! They are so natural you won't believe they are made by human!

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#animals #Nature

Vitamin C: Is an orange the best source? 3/1/2017 • Сherrrrrri

For years we’ve been told that oranges are the best source of Vitamin C. But we’ve been misled. Why? Find out in this video!

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#health #food

Unusual and amazing art from Japanese artist will blow your mind 2/28/2017 • Muhammad Rasheed

You won't believe what these incredible works of art are made of! We bet you've never seen such!

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So nostalgic: The most inspiring and beautiful Disney shots in one video 2/27/2017 • Kesaru Aosoki

Disney is one magical story and a wonderful part of our lives...Let's remember the most exciting moments gathered in a short movie. Feel nostalgia with us!

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#Movies & TV

Wooden sculptures made with the help of a chainsaw will definitely fascinate you 2/26/2017 • Cherlyn Asbury

There are so many ways to reveal your talent. This artist makes his sculptures with the help of a chainsaw. We bet, you've never seen anything of that kind!

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#animals #art

Dream Brooches - Fairy tale comes to life on the wings of these marvelous dragons 2/25/2017 • Deborah

Have you ever dreamed of taming a dragon? This artist from Russia can help you to get one. Look and enjoy!

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