Tricks of time - why we perceive it differently 4/6/2017 • Сherrrrrri

Have you ever noticed that our perception of time changes? Sometimes 5 minutes can pass briefly or lasts for too long. How is it possible? How does time trick us?

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#IQ #psychology

Alike - a touching story about life in the modern world of responsibilities 4/5/2017 • Kesaru Aosoki

Modern world imposes its rules and responsibilities. It's getting really difficult to stay yourself and not to lose your individuality. This short cartoon is exactly about our life. You can't miss it!

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These amazing pics will show you what it is like to live in the world of pets 4/5/2017 • Ms Cruz

Do you think having one or two dogs is enough to be happy? These adorable pictures show - the more the better!

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#animals #funny

10 unusual facts about the queen of all flowers 4/4/2017 • Deborah

Undoubtedly, rose can be called the queen of all flowers. Did you know that the oldest rose bush on Earth is more than 1000 years old? Today we want to share this and other little-known facts about the most beautiful flower in the world.

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#inspiration #Nature

Blast from the Past - old technologies that you've already forgotten about 4/4/2017 • Сherrrrrri

Today technologies have gone so far, but they still keep surprising us. Anyway, how did it begin? Let's try to remember right now!

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#Science #Society

15 marvelous photos of unique Australian nature that will definitely amaze you 4/3/2017 • Barb Lenn

Our world is unique and beautiful! This photographer knows how to catch the moment and take a wonderful picture of what he sees around. Now you have a great opportunity to look at the world with his eyes!

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You have never seen such astonishing and beautiful monasteries 4/3/2017 • Alma Jara

We gathered unbelievably amazing and marvelous monasteries that will take your breath away. You can't miss it!

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#Geography #Culture #inspiration

You will fall in love with these stunning pictures of midnight Safari 4/1/2017 • Brian

We bet you'll be amazed by the pics of the most beautiful inhabitants of wild Safari. Join and enjoy them with!

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#animals #photography

Museo Atlantico - the first underwater museum in the world was officially opened to visitors 3/31/2017 • Elena

Do you think that only fish, marine animals and plants can exist under the water? This sculptor proved that it is also a perfect place for an art museum.

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What real fun looks like - childhood without smartphones and computers 3/31/2017 • Diane McKenzie

Do you remember that precious time of you being a kid? We offer you to get a little nostalgic and watch with us some old pictures that capture the moments of smartphones free childhood...

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#Society #age #memory