Marvelous work of art on dark water by Garip Ay 3/5/2017 • Сarlos

Art is multifaceted! This artist from Turkey creates outstanding pictures on dark water. Look and enjoy.

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#art #inspiration

5 weird signals of your genius nature 3/4/2017 • Michael L.

You are more of genius than you think! QuizzClub team will prove it. Read these 5 features each true genius has, and make sure that you're one of them.

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Kids riddle: is it as simple as it seems? 3/3/2017 • Charlotte Mills

Did you miss our puzzles and riddles? Let's continue improving your attention and brain power. You have 1 minute and a picture to find all the words! The clock is ticking...

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Saving lives: amazing bridges and crossings for wild animals 3/2/2017 • Ashes to ashes

Bridges for animals not only save lives but also are really incredible! They are so natural you won't believe they are made by human!

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#animals #Nature

Vitamin C: Is an orange the best source? 3/1/2017 • Сherrrrrri

For years we’ve been told that oranges are the best source of Vitamin C. But we’ve been misled. Why? Find out in this video!

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#health #food

Unusual and amazing art from Japanese artist will blow your mind 2/28/2017 • Muhammad Rasheed

You won't believe what these incredible works of art are made of! We bet you've never seen such!

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So nostalgic: The most inspiring and beautiful Disney shots in one video 2/27/2017 • Kesaru Aosoki

Disney is one magical story and a wonderful part of our lives...Let's remember the most exciting moments gathered in a short movie. Feel nostalgia with us!

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#Movies & TV

Wooden sculptures made with the help of a chainsaw will definitely fascinate you 2/26/2017 • Cherlyn Asbury

There are so many ways to reveal your talent. This artist makes his sculptures with the help of a chainsaw. We bet, you've never seen anything of that kind!

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#animals #art

Dream Brooches - Fairy tale comes to life on the wings of these marvelous dragons 2/25/2017 • Deborah

Have you ever dreamed of taming a dragon? This artist from Russia can help you to get one. Look and enjoy!

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Real pleasure for your eyes - Top Extremely beautiful Minerals and stones 2/24/2017 • Rafael Flores

Our nature is full of mysteries! These wonderful stones are not creative works of art, they are treasures that really exist in the world. You won't believe your eyes.

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