Have you ever heard about jaglion? Unbelievable but true - these hybrid animals really exist 4/19/2017 • Michael L.

Are you sure you know all animals that exist in the world? QuizzClub team has found unique hybrids of well-known animals that you've hardly ever heard of. You need to see them!

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Spring inspiration - Unbelievably beautiful places you should visit 4/19/2017 • Ms Cruz

These sacred places are the most beautiful of all and we want to share them with you. We promise you will fall in love with them!

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#Geography #Nature

6 familiar symbols with unfamiliar origins 4/18/2017 • Cynthia Walter

Where have all these familiar symbols come from? What are their true meanings? QuizzClub team has found the answers...

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#History #Society #IQ

Boston marathon 2017 hero - the famous pioneer participates in the iconic run again 4/18/2017 • Jason Sheehan

Brave and strong-willed Kathrine Switzer redefined women's sports once and forever. This young woman took part in the 1967 Boston Marathon, though it used to be a men's-only sporting event. This year, the famous pioneer participates in the iconic run again.

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#Sport #inspiration

Dust painting - Russian artist creates unbelievably amazing pictures 4/18/2017 • Ms Cruz

Art can be revealed in anything...We bet you will be surprised by this young artist who creates unbelievable beauty on...cars!

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Meet Zarathustra - a ginger cat that shows famous paintings in a totally new light 4/14/2017 • Alma Jara

Cats and art seem to be two absolutely different notions. This photographer knows how to combine them. You can't miss this!

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#animals #art #photography

We promise these 15 pics will shock you with their super cuteness 4/14/2017 • dawn

Do you think cats are adorable and the most fascinating animals on Earth? QuizzClub.com can argue with that...

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12 unique professions you didn't know about 4/13/2017 • Christine L

QuizzClub team prepared a list of professions that can't be called ordinary. We bet you didn't know about their existence!

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What breakfast looks like in 20 different countries 4/12/2017 • The Happy One

What do you prefer to eat for breakfast? We bet some guy from Philippines would prefer rather different meal. What meal exactly? Find out right now!

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Van Gogh's mystery - What is really depicted in his most famous painting? 4/12/2017 • Barbara Bechard

For over a hundred years, people have been wondering about what is represented in the famous "The Starry Night". Is the mystery finally revealed? Let's find out!

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#Science #art

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