10 mind-boggling facts about the Earth’s twin sister planet! 5/26/2016 • Terry

Venus,the second planet from the Sun, is sometimes called the Earth’s twin. However, it is shockingly different from our planet. Let’s discover the most amazing of her secrets!

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Beach rescuers in Hawaii saved an injured tiger shark – an incredible video! 5/25/2016 • tommy anderson

An injured tiger shark swam to one of the beaches in Honolulu. Though this species is quite a dangerous predator, the rescue team rushed to its aid. What happened then was captured by a camera!

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10 astonishing facts about The Godfather movie that you haven’t known about! 5/24/2016 • Alma Jara

Epic gangster saga “The Godfather” is one of the best movies of all times. The movie is still watched, cited and even imitated. But what curious facts are there behind the scenes?

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​Mother creates wonderful pictures of her children in hand-made costumes that will take you into a fairytale! 5/23/2016 • Charlotte Mills

Anna Rozwadowska is an ordinary mother of two kids. One day she came up with an idea that made her extremely popular across the web!

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The shocking truth about sugar - white substance that shortens our lifespan! 5/22/2016 • Terry

Does your mouth water when you think about delicious gooey cookies, crunchy candies or velvety cakes? Well, after looking through this post, you’ll certainly think twice before eating these sweets!

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You will be marveled by this authentic monumental art of a small Burkina Faso village! 5/21/2016 • chrissy

Are you ready to get a dose of aesthetic pleasure? Then, we go to Burkina Faso , a country in Western Africa which can hardly be called a popular touristic destination , but hides many wonderful places!

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Unbelievable: almost everything can be cut in half with simple…water! 5/19/2016 • marcus vandible

Water is really a unique substance since it can be applied in many areas of life and industry. But have you known that it can be used in cutting things? Watch the videos to find proof!

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10 coffee recipes from around the world that will make your mouth water! 5/18/2016 • Elena

Millions of people begin their day with a cup of hot and delicious coffee. No wonder there are a lot of different coffee recipes in different countries. Some of them have become quite a surprise for us!

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Embroidery as art: tiny delicate animals by Chloe Giordano! 5/17/2016 • Murphy

You will certainly be astonished by this miniature embroidered creatures being only a bit larger than a thimble, but so elaborate and true-to-life!

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